Spring Cleaning For Your Commercial Greenhouse!

Our Company

We have been in the business of building greenhouses for more than two decades. In this period, we have undertaken and completed hundreds of greenhouse projects in the country and across the world. We have expertise in all aspects of greenhouse construction – from concept, to design, to construction and to equipping them. Our team of specialists offer you expert knowledge and advice and our prices are competitive compared to other suppliers in the market.


From the concept stage to completion, we are there to support you during the construction of your greenhouse. Our commercial greenhouse constructions are quick and stress-free and our endeavor is to complete any project on budget and on time. Our expertise and experience will make your greenhouse construction project a huge success.

We work very closely with leading contracting firms that have several years of experience in greenhouse construction. There will be a project manager present on-site to answer all your queries and be of assistance to you.


For the last 20 years, we have provided inexpensive greenhouse solutions of all sizes, big or small. Our service is personalized and unmatched. Our expert sales staff and projects team will offer you undivided attention and will be there to assist you 24x7.


Equipping your greenhouse properly is very important to any commercial greenhouse operation and we have everything that you require for the success of your venture. Whether you plan to install a new greenhouse building or replace your old greenhouse equipment, we can help you to do it.

We have all types of greenhouse equipment – cooling, ventilation, heating, irrigation, lighting, soil handling or benches; we are a one-stop-shop for all your greenhouse equipment needs.


A greenhouse cannot be completely functional unless it has the supplies to help it for day-to-day operations. We have everything to keep your greenhouse clean and in running condition. We provide all kinds of supplies such as containers, pots, fertilizers, flats, pest control treatments, etc. 

From setting up your greenhouse to running and maintaining it, we can do it all for you. Give us a call for all your greenhouse requirements today.